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Red Gem

by Isidor



Not long after the last journey, we find our Lord in a far-off universe. The one where space and time seem to muddle. Where screams and flashes of light are considered normal.
In this universe, the Chaos forces found their home. They were the sole inhabitant of this place. One will wonder just how did those lunatics get used to the conditions but alas, one must acclimate in order to survive.
Hot air was lashing around our Lords face creating debris that cut and sliced the flesh. He was trapped in a maelstrom of chaotic air currents and acidic rains that roasted his skin. What was he doing there? How will he get out of this forsaken universe? The fact that after the heroic death of Photon Jack left him alone didn’t sit well with our Lord so he set forth to find out how to leave this place.
He started asking around and soon found out that the only way to leave this destitute universe is finding the Red Gem. Seemed easy enough. But as our Lord will soon find out, nothing is easy and what they failed to mention is that the Red Gem was guarded by Dare Dynamo.
Arriving at the location where the Red Gem was last seen, our Lord set out to find this precious item. While delving deep into caves he felt that something was watching him. What was it? Stopping suddenly, our Lord pointed his weapon in the direction of the being. The creature that started to reveal itself looked faint and scarcely able to defend himself, but as the mist between our Lord and the creature faded, so did the illusion that this creature is defenseless. What came out of the mist was a huge bloodthirsty monster ready to guard the Red Gem. Our Lord engaged the monster into battle but was no match. He was too big and strong for our Lord to defeat on his own. Being the wise man that he is, our Lord started to retreat but just as he was about to exit the caves, he was pushed by the monster with such force that our Lord plummeted into the sky and landed miles away unconscious.
While in a deep sleep caused by the push, our Lord dreamt of Arakis and the underground passages. He smelled notes of spice that were found only in a potent elixir that was a drug to him. He started to feel that miraculous melting of his skin as he started to astral project out of his body.
He didn’t get to abandon his body fully before he was awakened by a loud gallop of an Iron Pegasus. Squinting his eye, he could see an outline of a huge warrior on the mythical horse. As the warrior approached, our Lord could see the insignia of the notorious Unit 33 on his cheek. Ah, good. A friend he thought. Unit 33 from the Orion constellation were considered to be the most powerful mercenaries in the galaxy. Some called them crazy, but entities like our Lord, who served with them knew the truth. As a youngling, our Lord spent some time observing the constellations with them. He joined them on missions but soon found that he was too care-free for such an organization and left them.
Our Lords daydreaming and remembering ended abruptly. He was tied and pulled through mud. Wait, I thought these people were allies. Perhaps this one didn’t know him so our Lord started shouting to the warrior to stop and listen. He shouted the names of his friends from Unit 33 and that got the warriors attention so he stopped. Coming around to look into the face of our Lord, the warrior from Unit 33 gasped when he realized who he had tied up. Lo and behold, our Lord realized that this was Headhunter Tom the same moment Tom realized that this was actually his old friend. Tom untied his friend and they set up camp.
While sharing a meal, our Lord and Tom recalled their time together and talked about their journeys. While relaying the journey our Lord was on, he inadvertently found an ally to help him defeat Dare Dynamo.
The next day, after some rest and planning, Headhunter Tom and our Lord gathered all their weapons from different galaxies and embarked on their mission to capture the Red Gem.
Arriving at the foot of the caves, our Lord felt uneasy. He knew what he will face but this time, because he had the crazy yet magnificent warrior next to him, he knew that he had a good chance of success. This notion of a chance overruled the unease he felt so they entered the cave slowly and cautiously. They travelled though the caves for hours and as they were wondering if they were going in circles, a faint red tint of light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Tom and our Lord rushed to the light but before they could reach the promise of the Red Gem, they were stopped by its guardian, Dare Dynamo. Both our heroes engaged in a battle to the death. Two against one, the odds were in their favor. While Tom and his Iron Pegasus were flying around the monster distracting it by trying to cut off as many tentacles as they could, our Lord was on the other end, lashing out with his laser trying to bring down Dare Dynamo.
As Tom was approaching the monster for the final hit, he didn’t see that the last remaining tentacle was creeping behind him. Simultaneously, Tom inflicted the final blow but was also the recipient of a deadly stab by the monster leaving him dying on the floor next to the monster he killed. Our Lord approached the dying warrior and said “It was an honor to call a noble warrior such as yourself a friend. I will remember you with great respect.”. Toms just laughed and with his dying breath said that he always imagined a death like this.
Our Lord stood up and with a heavy heart left his friend under a pile of rubble, a grave of sorts, and continued his way to the end of the cave where the promising red light was teasing him. After walking what seemed like miles to our exhausted Lord, the Red Gem was in his sight. The beautify artifact was hovering in the air, seducing him with its warm glow. Our Lord succumbed to the seduction and reached out. As he touched the gem he was transported instantly to his universe where he found screams and light that were breaking the laws of physics. The final though before surrendering to exhaustion was “What now?”.


released April 3, 2020

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Isidor Bobinec
Cover art - Tamara Rebeka Lukic
Guitar by Andy Gillion


all rights reserved



Isidor Novi Sad, Serbia

Trumpet player, Synthwave artist and sci-fi enthusiast

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